r-trac™ Data Management Solution

Big results through big data.

r-pac has developed a proprietary web-based data management solution called r-trac™ to manage data-intensive programs.

r-trac™ is a module-based suite of online services that provides accuracy and efficiencies in ordering, reporting, RFID commercialization and inventory tracking and control.

Since r-trac™ is a web-based tool, it is accessible from a connected computer at anytime, anywhere in the world. This cloud-based solution runs off a fully redundant worldwide, multi-location server farm and database architecture system that resides in r-pac’s IT group.

r-trac™ serves as a go-to solution that:
  • Facilitates the production of item-level RFID programs through the synchronized management of purchase order, UPC, and GTIN information
  • Serves as a inventory and process management platform for inventory visibility and replenishment controls
  • Performs as an ordering platform for products with variable data, including real-time artwork reviews prior to order confirmation.
  • Customized ordering and reporting modules tailored to unique business cases

Item Level Encoding and Printing

The flexibility of r-trac™ as an online solution enables distributed printing and encoding across both the r-pac global RFID service bureau network and/or at the factory-level, as required.

With factory-level printing, r-trac™ drives data to product manufacturers for them to manage the production as needed, including managing formats, barcode over-printing, reporting and reprints as necessary.

Variable Data Solutions

r-trac™ integrates seamlessly with your ERP or purchasing system to handle complex variable data management with ease. Your contract manufacturers can also upload data into r-trac™ by excel or other file formats.

r-trac™ has the ability validate your data, translate into different languages and convert to size values to prepare the data to be print-ready. This data can then be used to create an online preview with live data and send it for production at our various global locations.

Quality Assurance

Quality checks are completed and recorded at each step of the process, including at the chip and inlay levels, while converting, commissioning and at case packout and shipping.

The r-trac™ encoding and serialization process follows the same GS1 standard for SGTIN-96. The algorithm to construct the EPC has been proven with over 1 billion tags and labels. Through r-trac™, we have built a robust number management system that performs significant quality checks on data validation to prevent duplication:

  1. For standard SGTIN-96 encoding, r-trac™ system first accepts the data from the user and runs the data through an error-checking algorithm to ensure data is consistent, accurate, and correct. Besides standard UPC length and check digit validation, r-trac™ compares incoming data with intelligence to see if the company code is valid for the customer.
  2. r-trac™ converts the UPC information to the GTIN, subsequently converts the GTIN to the SGTIN by assigning a unique serial number, and finally converts the SGTIN to the EPC. The EPC then is checked through a secondary module to ensure that the EPC reverts back to the original UPC.
  3. Serial numbers are generated using one central engine that ensures serial numbers are assigned in sequential form or in a specific algorithm that is based on the customer’s specified formulas.
  4. r-trac™ offers a visual check as well for the user in two ways. First to the vendor who is placing the order and second to the operator who is printing the order. The screens show the UPC value, the starting serial number, the ending serial number, the EPC starting number, and the EPC ending number for every SKU line within the order.
  5. Once the proper encoding is derived and checked, it is streamed to the printer where it is printed and encoded. The printer does a pass/fail check on each tag.
  6. r-trac™ maintains a print log with all details for every job sent to the printer.

r-trac™ is web-based and captures the numbers being sent. Therefore, each tag can be audited and validated. Quality levels are closely monitored from chip to inlay to converted product manufacture, providing an uninterrupted chain of custody for quality assurance.

r-trac™ also has software modules that can be loaded on to any readers to validate UPC to EPC conversion on finished tags and labels based on AQL standards. The results of these tests can be logged for retrieval.

Order Management

As a cloud-based system, r-trac™ provides our clients with an online, web-based ordering system for all your purchasing needs that includes service bureau fulfillment, data management and reporting, barcode/UPC generation and in-plant printing.

r-trac™ is developed to accept orders through through the most common forms of order entry including EDI and batch importing. In turn, the processing of orders through automation allows faster delivery times and reduces the chances of human errors due to dual entries.

r-pac’s service bureaus are strategically located in many global locations that mirror product manufacturing locations, providing variable tags and labels, including item-level RFID, with reduced lead times and freight costs.

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