r-trac™ RFID Solution

Closing the loop from factory to store.

The r-trac™ RFID Solution serves as a complete portfolio of best-in-class RFID products, services and support which helps our retail partners deliver a unified, enhanced customer experience across all channels, increasing store/brand revenues while reducing costs.

The r-trac™ Solution also serves our supplier/brand owner partners by ensuring complete visibility of product from manufacturing through delivery to their retail customer. r-trac™ provides continuous, real-time visibility into inventory throughout the supply chain, from the factory, to the warehouse/DC to and through the store level - to the moment of purchase and delivery.

r-trac™ RFID
Solutions Software

Factory and

Supplier / Retailer
Warehouse and DC


Tag Up Solutions X X X
Tag Validation / QC (Barcode Matches EPC) X X X
Packing Validation / Perfect Pack X X Inter-Store Transfers
Shipping / Electronic Manifest X X Inter-Store Transfers
RFID Receive / Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) Raw Material Handling X X
Inventory Management X X X
Find Product / Geiger X X X
Replenishment X
Re- Order X X X
Item Search / Search list (i.e. markdowns) Product Recalls X
Omnichannel Fullfillment X (Direct Ship) X
Point of Sale (POS) X
Loss Intelligence X X X
Returns X X
Sample Management At Corporate HQ At Corporate HQ At Corporate HQ

Factory and Manufacturing Benefits+

The r-trac™ Factory and Manufacturing solution provides highly accurate inventory/cycle counting, real-time location tracking and new visibility into business processes.

Tagging can be done to track raw material, WIP and finished product. The data attained from tracking at different points can be useful to understand production rates, yield, productivity, etc.

Further, the r-trac™ RFID Solution has modules to provide manufacturers with cost effective ways to RFID tag product leaving their facilities – as mandated by many customers. Once tagged, the r-trac™ RFID Solution can ensure perfectly packed cartons and shipments. Shipments can be scanned to assure all outbound shipments are accurate, and electronic manifests can be obtained and shared with the receiving parties via EPCIS.

Factory and Manufacturing
  • Tracking of raw materials, WIP and finished goods – analysis of productivity and improvements
  • End to costly packing and shipping errors
  • Tighter inventory controls
  • Enhanced security, with reduced shrink
  • Easier, faster, accurate location tracking
  • Perfectly packed cartons and shipments
  • Electronic Manifests and sharing of shipment information via EPCIS

Warehouse and DC Benefits+

The r-trac™ RFID Solution delivers the power of RFID to warehouse and distribution center management with the assurance of total compliance with RFID mandates.

r-trac’s RTLS (Real Time Location System) delivers accurate and fast mapping of the location of RFID-enabled goods through hands-free readers, and ultimately speeds up and simplifies tasks related to pick and pack processes and inventory counts.

Users achieve improved accuracy of their inventory counts (99+%) with location visibility to improve item management. As goods enter and exit their inventory, clients ensure accuracy through incoming shipment validation / electronic proof of delivery (EPOD), providing instant alerts to missing or incorrect merchandise for every delivery.

Distribution Center and Warehouse Benefits
  • Added audits are not required
  • End to costly packing and shipping errors
  • Tighter inventory controls
  • Enhanced security, with reduced shrink
  • Easier, faster, accurate mapping
  • Simpler, quicker replenishment of missing items
  • Total omni-channel readiness
  • Worry-free compliance

Retailer Benefits+

Partners across the globe have harnessed the power of the r-trac™ RFID Solution to provide real-time visibility into their inventory supply chains. At the store level, the r-trac™ RFID Solution is used to read RFID data through incoming and inventoried packaging and crates, providing rapid and accurate cycle counts and shipping validation.

Retailers also benefit from accurate and automatic inventory management storewide including storage areas, dressing rooms and customer carts. Successful implementation delivers outstanding shrink control, with precise, actionable data on what is happening to each piece of merchandise as it moves through the supply chain, into the store and out the door.

Retail Benefits
  • Increased sales – up to 15+% lift
  • Improved inventory accuracy—up to 99+% accuracy
  • Reduced costs – RFID takes 96% less time than bar codes for similar tasks
  • Labor saving – 90+% reduction in time for inventory cycle counts
  • Streamlined processes for real-time correction of handling errors
  • Instant alert to missing or wrong merchandise for every delivery
  • Greater customer satisfaction through fewer out-of-stocks – creating a “perfect” sales floor
  • Enables efficient, near perfect omni-channel operations

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