Packaging solutions

Brand packaging solutions to make your products look their best on shelf.

Structural Portfolio

Because r-pac encompasses packaging solutions at every turn, we’re able to make recommendations and help your brands maximize the visual impact and ensure structural integrity on the sales floor, all the while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Check out our innovative and proven packaging solutions below.

Cartons and Paper-based

Structures found across all retail product categories, r-pac’s paperboard solutions serve as a high quality and lightweight solution to package products and communicate the vision for your brand. Find out more.

Corrugated Packaging

From electronics to toys to kitchenware, r-pac’s corrugated solutions provide unparalleled results in cost competitiveness, standards compliance and transit protection for your products. Find out more.

Point of Purchase Displays

Whether to increase visibility for special promotions or as a longer term planogram strategy, make your products stand out through our distinctive, hard-to-miss free standing displays and on-shelf solutions. Find out more.

Gift and Rigid Boxes

Clients looking to make their mark with their packaging work with r-pac to design and produce elegant and premium rigid boxes in a variety of styles. Find out more.

Clamshells, Blisters and Rigid Plastics

Our rigid plastics provide high transparency, impact resistance and performance to deliver outstanding results on shelf. Find out more.

Polybags, Vinyl Bags and Flexible Plastic

With a wide variety of materials and film types, r-pac will deliver a bag, sack or pouch for your specific needs for any single or multi-pack presentation. Find out more.

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