Variable Data Solutions

Data integrity is our priority.

r-pac’s variable data solutions coordinate your data integration across our company, in our owned facilities or through your contract manufacturers.

We have the ability to imprint data received, convert the data needed to your specification and validate the data across multiple platforms.

Our proprietary, web-based data management system, r-trac™, manages the data intensive programs and provides all your purchasing needs that include service bureau, data management and barcode/UPC generation.

r-pac’s service bureaus are strategically located in many global locations close to product manufacturers, providing variable tags and labels, including RFID, with reduced lead times and freight costs.

Packaging Format
  • Barcoded Labels and Stickers.
  • Integrated Tags
  • Price Tickets
  • RFID Labels and Tags
  • GS1 and VICS compliant tags and labels

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