Jockey Honors r-pac with “Packaging Supplier Of The Year” Award

HONG KONG, March 15, 2018 — Jockey International, Inc., a 142-year-old brand recognized around the world for its premium underwear and apparel, has honored r-pac International with the prestigious “Packaging Supplier of the Year” award at the annual Strategic Supplier Meeting and Awards dinner held in Hong Kong.

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Adler Modemärkte AG Head of IT Recognizes r-pac Contributions

In a status meeting with r-pac, Mr. Roland Leitz shared his thoughts on working with r-pac on Adler’s RFID implementation for the past year. To date, r-pac has partnered with Adler to deliver RFID solutions with a high quality assurance level out of Hong Kong and Bangladesh, delivering annually over 20 million RFID tags.

r-pac: Can you explain your functions and areas of responsibility within Adler?
RL: I joined Adler Modemärkte AG in 1990 as Head of Application Development in Haibach. Since 1992, I have been Head of IT. In 2009, the responsibility of Process organization was added to my role.

I was made accountable as the Project Manager for the RFID rollout in our 183 Stores in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. The roll-out was successfully delivered in April 2014.
r-pac: Under what circumstances did you meet or become involved with r-pac?
RL: I met with Nick Blaauw, r-pac Regional Sales Director for Germany. I knew Nick from his previous position within the industry. We were reviewing different RFID label solutions for a RFID roll-out project and our RFID Source Tagging Program. What makes me happy with r-pac, I always had the feeling that they understood our demands and needs.
r-pac: Why are r-pac’s solutions different, and how did r-pac answer your needs?
RL: In a period of only 3 months, r-pac implemented a global online ordering solution. This is a crucially important tool for Adler Modemärkte AG. The program started with the production of RFID (based on latest UCode7 chip) and non-RFID paper items in Hong Kong. Orders started in November 2016. In June 2017, as planned from the beginning, the production expanded with r-pac to their operations in Bangladesh.

In addition to their technical capabilities, what makes r-pac’s team different is they understand our needs and demands, and they are always pro-active to support us from day one. Regular meetings and KPI reports shared with our team is continuously improving the operations more and more.

This has been so far the smoothest setup I have experienced in my entire career.
r-pac: How do you imagine the future of retail with new technology?
RL: My personal opinion based on my experience, RFID technology in fashion retail will be a standard in the near future. The difference in FOCG retail, we will witness further implementation of intelligent price tagging.

r-pac greatly appreciates Mr. Leitz for allowing us to publically share his experiences with other clients.

r-pac Delivers Results

An American cable and satellite multinational corporation specializing in televised home shopping approached r-pac with a challenge to optimize apparel care label design, ordering and production globally. Any solutions needed to create streamlined efficiencies for the entire global supply chain, while at the same time, keep an improved and enhanced consumer experience at the forefront.

Collaborating with the client’s merchandisers, quality assurance team, and vendor partners, r-pac developed and implemented an r-trac online ordering and production platform for care labels. r-trac now serves as a centralized database for vendors to order and view care labels in local languages, while at the same time, provides the brand owner the visibility and transparency into order status, reporting, and spend metrics needed to make informed decisions.

r-trac has also delivered the flexibility to grow and adapt with the client’s businesses. Identified needs have brought about implementing additional languages, new production locations, and additional packaging formats. To date, r-pac has been successfully executing five awarded programs with three being exclusive nominations.

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r-pac expands RFID Service Bureau in Europe

Building on many years of growth and success, r-pac Europe has expanded our existing service bureau to offer RFID solutions tailored to your business.

Our state of the art EU service bureau contains a large fleet of thermal printers; printing, encoding and cutting to meet our clients needs.

Adding RFID capabilities to our European business platform has delivered additional strength to our global network. r-pac Europe continue closing the gap on delivery complexities and drive solutions directly to you.

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