Jockey International Honors r-pac International Corp with Prestigious “Packaging Supplier Of The Year” Award

HONG KONG, March 15, 2018 — Jockey International, Inc., a 142-year-old brand recognized around the world for its premium underwear and apparel, has honored r-pac International with the prestigious “Packaging Supplier of the Year” award at the annual Strategic Supplier Meeting and Awards dinner held in Hong Kong.

r-pac International is the global destination for branded packaging, display units and supply chain solutions. r-pac serves as the leading global organization dedicated to supplying brand concepts, graphics, products, and solutions to all partners in the retail supply chain. For over 30 years, r-pac has delivered hardline, soft-line and supply chain solutions to retailers and brand owners. Today, r-pac operates a global infrastructure providing customers with in-country manufacturing, brand management, quality assurance and competitive pricing.

Founded in 1876 Jockey International, Inc. is a family-owned, privately held company with headquarters in Kenosha, Wis. Today, Jockey apparel products are sold in major department and specialty stores in more than 145 countries around the world.

As a strategic supplier to Jockey, r-pac is committed to providing the highest levels of product quality, customer service, global consistency, competitive costs and management accountability. Their commitment to ethical and legal business practices is the foundation from which they operate. They hold themselves accountable to the highest ethical standards with a commitment to compliance with the local laws and policies in the regions they serve. This commitment is directly in line with Jockey’s code of conduct and ethical business practices.

  • Mark Fedyk, Jockey President & COO
  • Tim Taylor – SVP, Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • Mark Jaeger – SVP, Human Resources, General Counsel & Secretary, Legal
  • Maureen Putlak – SVP, Merchandising & Design
  • Rob Styles – VP, Men’s Merchandising & Design
  • Alton Zenon – VP, Quality, WH Sourcing, Manufacturing Administration
  • Yildiz Wisniewski - Sr. Director, Product Development & Materials
  • David Luther - Sr. Director, Corporate Planning
  • Dennis Hyatt – Director, Packaging

  • Aaron Glatman – VP Sales and Business Development
  • Deb Trout – Director of Business Development, North America
  • Pam Blessing – Global Account Executive

Headquartered in New York’s fashion district, r-pac International was established in 1987 specializing in manufacturing printed packaging and apparel trims for the garment and accessory industry.

Having become well known for their expertise in brand design and manufacturing solutions, during the mid-1990's they recognized the demands of globalization and began building their unique global infrastructure.

Currently, r-pac International is comprised of 30 worldwide locations combined with 16 U.S. sales support offices. Corporate headquarters are located in New York City, with regional headquarters in Hong Kong, Singapore and Luxembourg.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Deb Trout at (913) 908-6332 or email deb.trout@r-pac.com