Global Logistics

Whenever, where ever... r-pac has you covered.

r-pac’s network spans over 30 locations, strategically positioned to mirror the regional production of consumer goods to ensure fast deliveries, localized service and in-country billing services. Close to you and close to ports, we speak your language.

Just-in-Time Inventory

Minimize your unit packaging costs through expanded production runs and inventory management with r-pac. Based on the scale and scope of your needs, r-pac has the resources and experience to manage the production, inventory and supply of produced packaging and trims.

Partnering with r-pac provides clients the freedom to focus on managing their business with the peace of mind that r-pac will deliver.

Consolidation Resource

With the wide range of r-pac brand solutions, clients partner with r-pac to streamline the receiving and delivery of their finished branded goods. r-pac can consolidate shipments coming from multiple factories to simplify logistics and billing processes, affording clients the assurance they will have everything needed when it is needed.

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