Ethical and Social compliance

Know who you are doing business with.

Ethical Foundations

We commit ourselves to success of our customers by providing the highest levels of product quality, customer service, global consistency, competitive costs and management accountability to all participants in the supply chain.

Our commitment to ethical and legal business practices is the foundation from which we operate. As such, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards with a commitment to compliance with the local laws and policies in the regions we serve.

Acting with integrity is not simply about doing the right thing. It has a real impact on our business performance and reflects on our reputation with our clients, our business partners and the public at large.

Factory Audits and Certifications

This framework of expected behavior is evident in everything we do, from serving our clients and core business operations, to further growing our brand, reputation and transparency as a company.

r-pac factories across the globe have been audited for social and ethical compliance in accordance with local laws and retail requirements. Retailers, brand owners and product vendors gain peace of mind knowing their brands are produced by an accountable and reputable partner.

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