Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Reduce shrink and in-store labor costs with a proven partner.

A technology commonly used for preventing theft and inventory control, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tags are applied to individual products to control shrinkage and theft in store.

r-pac’s EAS solutions are designed to meet the requirements of a variety of retailers from mass merchandisers to specialty stores to department stores to big-box retail.

  • Reduce in-store labor costs
  • Decrease losses from theft
  • Increase access to merchandise
  • Improve merchandise aesthetics
  • Enhance customer service & customer experience
  • 100% Tagging compliance
  • Available globally in all major apparel sourcing markets
  • Compatible with global AM and RF systems Increase sales and profitability

Compliant with Existing Systems

Retailers worldwide use r-pac products. Our experience designing and delivering labeling and ticketing solutions across the retail supply-chain worldwide perfectly leverages all the elements needed to rollout and supply your EAS program.

r-pac’s broad product portfolio incorporates various delivery formats for EAS technology, from label or ticket size, to face-stock material, converted into tags, tickets, and labels that seamlessly integrate into existing programs with minimal disruption to current processes.

r-pac labels and tags are compliant with all common EAS hardware and converting machinery. If you have equipment, we can design solutions that fit into your present labeling and tagging programs, and we can suggest changes to improve upon these.

Options and Flexibility

We offer a variety of EAS products, each designed to satisfy a unique aesthetic and demographic. Our EAS solutions are designed and tested for compatibility with a variety of product categories and incorporate both Acousto Magnetic (AM) and Radio Frequency (RF) sensor technologies made with tested and retail proven materials.

Source Tagging

Our global footprint allows us to deliver EAS products virtually anywhere in the world to the manufacturing source for any product. With sales, manufacturing and distribution in over 30 countries worldwide, r-pac can ensure the timely flow of goods across your supply-chain, ensuring compliance with any floor-ready program.

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