RFID Solutions

Revolutionize operational efficiency across your supply chain

r-pac, a global leader in delivering innovative branding and packaging solutions is leading the industry in item-level tagging for retailers from source-to-store. Our solution set for implementation across the entire value-chain makes r-pac your partner of choice for an RFID program, from pilot to full-scale implementation. More than ever, companies, including brand owners, manufacturers and retailers are turning to r-pac for RFID solutions to improve their business.

r-pac’s broad product portfolio incorporates all the elements of an RFID program from the selection of hardware to custom-converted labels and tags with RFID technology.

r-pac specializes in RFID products that seamlessly integrate into your current manufacturing, distribution and retail processes. If you already have equipment, we can design a solution to fit into your present labeling and tagging program, and we can suggest changes for improvement.

r-pac Advantages

  • Tag and label compliance with all RFID hardware and converting machinery
  • Limitless configuration of custom-designed tags and labels
  • Global RFID service bureaus for encoding EPC (Electronic Product Code) data
  • r-trac™ Data Management Solutions to ensure uniquely serialized numbers for each SKU
  • r-trac™ Retail Services RFID use case software
  • Coordinated integration across our company-owned facilities or your contract manufacturers
  • Mobile and fixed reader data-capture and verification applications
  • Printer/encoder solutions for factory-level or distribution center production
  • Systems integration of best-value tags, readers, infrastructure and software

RFID Inlay Solutions

r-pac works with multiple inlay manufacturers to ensure a best-value solution for your needs. r-pac is inlay agnostic and can provide inlay solutions approved by all retailers worldwide and the RFID Lab at Auburn University ARC specifications.

With approved inlays, r-pac’s packaging design and development expertise delivers world class custom converted hangtags and labels integrated with RFID. Print quality, color fidelity and brand integrity are of the utmost importance and do not need to be sacrificed when working with r-pac on your RFID program.

Hardware and Software Solutions

To save time and cost in implementation and support, r-pac sells best-in-class hardware solutions for compliance with industry standards and best practices.

r-pac offers to our clients RFID printers, fixed and handheld readers, antennas, portals, tunnels, and smart shelves.

r-pac represents a large variety of RFID hardware manufacturers. r-pac can engineer solutions from several manufacturers or combination of hardware to achieve the best value in fixed and/or handheld infrastructures.

r-trac™ Data Management

r-pac has developed a proprietary web-based data management solution called r-trac™ to manage data-intensive programs. r-trac™ is a proven system for managing EPCs with hundreds of millions of tags already “commissioned” without error or duplication. In addition to EPC encoding, r-trac™ serves as a module based suite of solutions and services ranging from inventory, ordering and reporting of high volume activity.

r-trac™ Retail Services

r-pac serves as a one-stop shop for complete RFID solutions with r-trac™ Retail Services. Successful RFID programs use r-trac™ Retail Services as a easy-to-use software that provides continuous visibility into their supply chains through real-time dashboards and reporting of EPC activity.

Options & Flexibility

r-pac can implement your program on a large or small scale. If you are thinking about a pilot with certain classifications of product at a few stores, we can help you improve inventory accuracy and improve in-stock levels where you control all the elements of the program. You can tag at the point of manufacture, in the DC, or in-store; whatever makes the most sense for your business.

For a large, chainwide rollout across the store base, r-pac can map the entire process, manage the implementation, and coordinate all the elements from development of the right RFID tag or label, to the use of our proprietary r-trac™ data management solution, to the selection of the right strategic partner for the hardware implementation.

RFID tagging at the source of product manufacture is the optimal way to EPC enable products. r-pac has delivered hundreds of millions of uniquely serialized EPC products in-country giving retailers and brand owners the benefits of process improvements, increased supply chain visibility and accuracy, and data management aligned with industry standards to promote greater adoption.

Contact us today to learn more how r-pac’s RFID solutions can optimize sales and deliver significant ROI for your organization.